The Workoholics

The JYU Team is made up of young innovators from all over China who continuously challenge their bounds. We work together to give you the best quality products we can offer

Kelvin Chen


As the founder of JYU, Kelvin has been an aircraft enthusiast and has developed and researched them for years. He was also the winner of a 5 million investment on CCTV's "Winners of China".

Cheng Bo

A military level engineer, Cheng specializes in wireless transmitting and has been an admirer of aircrafts for 12 years. Outside of work, Cheng is an avid soccer fan.

Kuang Mei Rong

With 6 years of overseas trading experience, Kuang specializes in domestic and international development strategy. On top of her many skills, she is also fluent in Japanese.

Tan Wen Tai

An expert in designing and developing aircrafts, Tan has worked for many years in engineering model airplanes. He has even participated in many international competitions.

Wang Chang Bo

Wang is adept in hundreds of different software encoding. He is the man responsible for the many drone algorithm patents that we have and engineers much of the software that runs our drones.