We present to you the Hornet S Basic

Sleek Composition

Every contour of the Hornet S was fashioned to create a beautiful and aerodynamic design made to maximize speed and agility. Our Hornet S achieves maximum velocity of 120 km/hr

The Hornet S accelerates to 100 km/hr within 3.5s

A complete design

Within this small and nimble figure, we've gathered together all of the necessary modules, each specially designed by JYU engineers to create an absolute flying experience for you

Internal GPS

A drone that can think will not easily go out of control. We offer an internal GPS system that can determine the height and location of the Hornet S, allowing it to come to a complete stop with the touch of a button.

A Design that Comes Together

The most important pieces of our drone were designed to be easily disassembled for the small missteps in life. In the event of a crash, you can freely take apart our drone and replace any broken pieces

3-minute Master

Why can children easily fly our Hornet S drone? Our drone flies with ease and balance and there isn't a single hitch during its flight. Learning how to fly a drone has just become that much simpler

15-20 minutes of complete flying

With the efficient design of the Hornet S, not a second is wasted. We use a specialized motor that allows you to experience twenty minutes of pure delight while your drone is in the air

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