Hornet S Smart Battery

Lasts 15-20 Minutes

Experience a carefree flight

LiPo Battery

Our JYU engineers have created a smart battery that automatically turns off after 1 hour of idleness.

Quick Replacement

You can quickly and easily replace the battery on our drone

LED Warning Flash

Our drone notifies you when it runs low on battery

Hornet S Smart Charger

  • Safety:
    Using a plastic fire resistant outer shell, and American UL-V0 testing, we ensure your safety while using our charger. As long as the charger is not connected with our battery, then there will be no flow of electricity, even if it is connected to an outlet. With this double protection system, we offer a safe method of recharging our device

  • High Standards:
    Our chargers have been FCC(US), CE(EU), and ROHS approved.

  • High Efficiency:
    Our chargers were created and patented by our own engineers, allowing the Hornet S to recharge within an hour.

  • Multiple Uses:
    With its USB port, you can charge your phone, mp3 player, and other devices with our charger.

  • Legal on Airplanes:
    Chinese law dictates that all passengers on commercial flights can only carry batteries under 100wh. JYU batteries are under 27.75 wh, allowing you to carry three at once.