Fits comfortably in your hands

"Weightless" Remote Controller

Controls the camera angle, height, direction, electrical usage, GPS home coordinates, level of flight and more. We designed the remote to allow you to take off with the touch of a button and move the drone with a light push of the joystick. Our unique design gives the controller a snug feeling and hid all of the complications within the software of the remote, giving you a simple and elegant design.


After continuous tests and studies we found the perfect fit for you
The Hornet S Remote Controller has a curvy design, letting it fit snugly in your hands
Using imported Silica Gel we created the most comfortable remote controller on the market

The Important Details

The Hornet S is a precise mechanism that allows users to choose their skill level and navigate their drone under those specifications while practicing under slower conditions until they are comfortable going on to the next level.


Not every joystick has four quality bearings
We chose this design because we decided to create only the best remote for your hands so that it may last for as long as it can for your enjoyment

The fewer the better, All complications have been hidden within

Most of the remotes you see on the market are filled with many different buttons and joysticks, making it confusing to use and difficult to control. JYU engineers have created a controller that is easy to learn, making navigation much simpler than before