Spider X Electrical Circuit

The Spider X uses an exclusive battery that utilizes Japan's most recent technology. Compared with other lithium batteries on the market, it contains a greater amount of power. This battery gives the drone 30 minutes of complete flight. Once the battery runs out, it transmits a message to the watch and the drone will assume a hovering state or return to home.

Smart Battery Specs

Battery Parts

Our battery's contact surface has been outfitted with our patented IBP connector

A Non-traditional Charger

Our unique charger charges your drone upon contact In order to raise the effectiveness of the charger, we designed a custom charger for the Spider X smart battery, quickly charging it with 120W.

Our charger was made for travel

In the great outdoors, when your phone, flashlight, GPS, or emergency light runs out of battery, you can use our Spider X to charge. This makes it an emergency charging treasure, giving you the power you need while traveling.

Solar Rechargeable

Using foldable solar panels, we also give you the option of using solar energy to charge your batteries, so that you don't have a single worry while flying your drone outside.