Flight Navigation

The Spider X internal navigation system controls the drone by precisely and separately controlling the turning of each propeller, allowing it to ascend, descend and make difficult turns. The core of the Spider X is the most important component of a drone, and is comparable with the human brain. Using its internal gyroscope, the drone’s cceleration, magnetic induction and GPS module, it controls the electrical path of the device

Superior Hardware

Our high performance MCU paired with the Spider X internal navigation system guarantees its precision and high quality.
Our drone has DSP cloud computing M4 microprocessor, that hits 1.25 MIPS and a basic frequency of 168MHz.
Our adaptable GPS supports GPS/QZSS, GLANASS, BeiDou formats.

Why the Spider X is Special

Responsibility is a habit. Even if you cannot see the inner workings of our drone, we guarantee only the highest quality of products.