Three Axes Gimbal

Our three axes design allows you to rotate the camera anywhere within a +20~-90 degree radius, with only a slight chance of +/- 0.05 degrees of movement. Now you can take the perfect picture anywhere.


Our attachable gimbal allows you to take shots at any angle and can even be detached as a selfie tool.

Completely Overpowers the Steadicam

Using the worlds’ highest level of algorithms and software, we have evolved the traditional gimbal so that even if it were installed at an angle, it would still maintain stability.

Attaching Point

The gimbal attaches to the drone with ease and remains in place no matter how you use it and automatically recognizes the different brands of camera used.

Super MCU

Our device' rapid cpu and adaptive core paired with advanced navigation systems, we give you a superior experience.
Our gimbal is efficient and lasts for a long time. Our three axis gimbal has three MCU to control its movements.

The Gimbal Battery

The more mCU, the more stability
Our magnetic sensors can detect the weight of the camera and gimbal, preventing overload In addition, our FOC magnetic field sets the position of the Spider X, giving you a smooth flight

Shock Absorption

Our drone has an array of shock absorption balls, minimizing all vibrations caused by the movement of the craft.
Using the drone’s internal altitude calculation, the AV dampens the balls, reliably absorbing the vibrations stabilizing the entire drone. Every pair of shock absorption balls can bear 150g of weight. Their resonance creates the following effect: at 170khz of vibration, 90% is absorbed, at 120khz of vibration 95% is absorbed and at 85khz, 88% is absorbed.

Magnetic Sensors

The internal magnetic encoder in the Spider X measures the smallest movements and uses very little power, allowing it to last for a long time.

Better Torque, Better View

Our custom made burshless motor has more torque, giving you and more stable shot