Spider X Motor

A perfect match gives rise to one of the world's most efficient machines
Our drone is a synthesis of parts custom designed by our own engineers to bring out the highest efficiency and balance to our aircraft.

Brushless Motor

The Spider X brushless motor paired with the JYU 13 inch propellor brings out the highest amount of power. We use a disk type machine that is under the KV standard. We have a high torque but low electric current. Compared with other types of machines on the market, we have one of the most efficient devices. Plus, we only use the highest quality materials: top tier bearings, heat resistant paint, and trademark magnets to give you the best combination for decreasing machine temperatures

Brushless Motor

The Spider X brushless motor uses MOSFET special IC propeller, one of the most balanced and stable ones on the market. The MOSFET has extremely low resistance, giving it a strong current and quick acceleration.

JYU Custom 13' Propellers

Using military grade carbon, we created a propeller that is both light and durable. Furthermore, it has a water proof coating that prevents erosion, giving it a long life. Our propellers were created after 3M of carbon was heated and handled in a vacuum, giving it high electrical resistance

96000 Different Colors

The Spider X lights have 96,000 different colors. Using the newest LED technology, and microchip color processing, we created a mix of colors, letting you light up the sky with your Spider X!