Arms that open up to 128°

The four arms of the Spider X opens up from 0° to 128°. Furthermore, it can adapt to different environments from the Wristwatch controller. The forearm can lift up and down to give a greater field of view for the camera.

Foldable Propellers

Using military grade carbon, we created a propeller that is both light and durable. Furthermore, it has a water proof coating that prevents erosion, giving it a long life. Our propellers were created after 3M of carbon was heated and handled in a vacuum, giving it high electrical resistance

Foldable Arms

The Spider X foldable structure allows there to be a safe distance between the propellers and the ground when it descends. In addition, the Spider X is designed to fold up the arms as close into the body as it can be to prevent damage to the propellers.

A Unique Structure that supports a Beautiful Creation

Improving upon the Hornet's internal structure, we created an elaborate internal structure that insulates and lessens the weight of the drone. Using a hexagonal skeleton, we increased the strength of the arms so that its as strong as carbon but more durable.
The drone itself uses the same principle as airplanes, the _____ principle. Using the high air resistance, we fly our drones into the air. Furthermore, our shell uses a heat resistant, acid and base resistant shell that can last in temperatures above 150 degrees centigrade. We even used a harmless UV resistant paint to create a more perfect shell for you.

Polished and Beautiful design

All of the internal components were designed and patented by our own engineers and have been customized to the precise measurements of the Spider X. Not only do we guarantee its stability during flight, we also guarantee that there isn't a single extra component in the internal structure.
Every component in our internal structure has blended with the rest of the structure so well that it would seem that it came into being as it is.

Attachable Design

The traditional drones are all in one structure, making it inconvenient to upgrade or attach other components. The Spider X however was built for your convenience. From the product's gimbal, to the battery, each part can be attached and detached. This way, drone lovers have the freedom to attach whichever gimbal and camera they want, giving them the joy of DIY.

Blue Joints

Our exclusive blue ring shaped joints are installed at each of the arms, with a small groove made to fit your fingers so as to improve its fit in your hand. It is both durable and nonslip. Furthermore it makes turning on the machine easy. This design underwent ten thousand drafts before we found the perfect fit for your hands. Even the button activating the opening of joints has been patented and is one of the notable features of the Spider X.