Sight Positioning

Under indoor situations where there is no GPS, the Spider X uses high tech sensors to precisely hover. It has a 752x480 pixel resolution and computes optical information to stitch together a basic sketch of the room. The calculating speed of our hardware has reached 250Hz (Daytime, Outdoors), a high speed for image processing. It can even process information in the dark without LED lights to brighten the area.

Drone Sight v.s.
Sightless Positioning

Sight collects information for the drone, allowing it to stably hover in one place while taking pictures.

How the Theory Works

The Spider X brain continuously stitches together 250 different images and uses it to calculate the distance from obstacles

How the Spider X Visual Works

In order to provide a set location for the Spider X and allow it to remain motionless while taking pictures.

Future Functions

This function will evolve further in the future until the drone is capable of contructing a 3D model of the surrounding area.