1Can I set the take off altitude of the one touch take off? What is the preset altitude of the one touch take off?
The one touch take off altitude can be set using the PC software. The minimum takeoff altitude is 3 meters and the present altitude is 5 meters.
2 How great is a phone signal's affect on the drone's flight?
Great, if there is a 2G, then it will interfere with the drone's navigation system, causing it to lose control.
3Can I fly my drone on a cloudy day?
Yes, only the GPS signal will be weaker.
4How do I use Expert Mode?
When you are flying with Beginner or Moderate mode, as long as the GPS signal is normal, the drone will automatically use preset parameters. Once the GPS signal is interfered, the flight will enter into expert mode, and it's taillights will start to flash.
5What should I watch out for while charging my phone? How long does it take?
While you are charging, make sure you turn on the drone's battery. Charging takes 60 minutes when empty.
6Are there plans for a greater capacity battery?
There is and it is already in development. The battery is better fitted for aerial and not fast flying. The battery's electrical discharge is lower, but it has a greater capacity.
7I switched the functions of the left and right joysticks. Will the functions automatically transfer over?
Yes, the preset directions are based off of the US and Japanese configurations. Our preset manufactured drones automatically use the US configuration, but switching to the Japanese is very easy. When the remote controller is turned off, hold the RGB light and camera buttons at the same time. When you turn on the remote controller, if it is the US configuration, it will vibrate once. If it is the Japanese configuration, it will vibrate twice.
8Do I need to adjust the drone's GPS before flying?
You need to calibrate the drone's compass before flying. The instructions are in the manual.
9What is the range of the drone's signal?
Our Remote Controller can reach the drone from anywhere within a thousand meters.
10 Can I bring the charger and battery for my drone on the train or airplane?
Yes, however it is best if you do not take more than two batteries with you.
11How high can the drone fly in expert mode?
There is no restriction on the height in Expert Mode. In the third mode, the GPS and barometer is not used in the calculations of its navigations system. Everything is completely based off of your own directions. It is best if you make sure you are very skilled before flying in this mode.
12Can the drone be flown indoors?
You can fly the drone indoors if you are on Moderate or Expert mode. It is not recommended for new fliers to do this as it comes with risks.
13Will I lose control of the drone when I fly it near the 1,000 meter range?
No, only the remote's signal will be weaker.


1How long does the FPV screen battery last?
The FPV goggles receives power from the remote controller. Charging it to full allows it to last for 2 hours.
2Can the FPV goggles be used for watching other things, i.e. Movies?
These FPV goggles have been specially designed, and can only be used for JYU's drones.
3Can images transmitted from the drone be relayed over wifi?
The images transmitted from the drone cannot be relayed as of now.
4How long is the delay on FPV image transmission?
Under 50 milliseconds.
5Is the image transmitter in the FPV camera?
Yes, the camera stitches together the image and then transmits its directly to the goggles


1Do I set the position of the gimbal before takeoff, or can I set it afterwards?
The gimbal's position can be set using the remote after takeoff.
2What kind of SD card is used for storage on the Aerial?
The Aerial uses a TF card. The U3 of the TF Card can also be used. the standard card is 8G, but a 64G card is supported as well.
3How many minutes of video does a 8G storage contain?
8G holds around 45 minutes of video footage. 32G contains 3 hours, and 64G contains 6 hours.
4Can I adjust the shutter speed and exposure of the Aerial camera?
The camera's shutter speed and exposure has been preset.
5Can the Aerial's 4K lens take 1080 pixel videos and pictures? How many frames per second can be taped?
Yes it can. The camera can take 4k 25fps, 2.7k30fps, 1080p60fps, and 720p120fps.